Falcon SDL module suite.

This is the Falcon SDL module (and related modules) reference.

SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer) is one of the most known and used libraries for graphic application development. Falcon wraps and extends SDL and many of it many well known extension in an organinc subsystem, which allow Falcon based applications to interact with graphics, sound, input device and in general all that is needed to build a modern graphic application.

SDL and its extensions are mainly focused on 2D graphics and sound management and they provide a simple but powerful application framework.


A minimal setup for this module may be something like the following:

 load sdl

   a = SDL.InitAuto( SDL.INIT_VIDEO )
   SDL.WM_SetCaption( "Falcon SDL window", "Falcon and SDL" );
   screen = SDL.SetVideoMode( 640, 480 )

   > "Success! - press enter"
catch SDLError in e
   > "Test failed: "
   > e

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