4.26.2Class MenuItem

Entity representing a menu item.

Class MenuItem( text, [target],[al],[submenu] )
text The text of the menu item.
target The destination link.
al Authorization level for this item to appare.
submenu A list of MenuItems

The text parameter is the text that should be rendered as the menu name. The item may be marked as conditional making it out-of-band; this will make it to appare only if there is a link (target is not nil) or there are sub-menus. Useful for "plugin" menu items.

The target can be a link (possibly, a "javascript:" link) or a nest page PID. The special scheme "nest:" marks a nest page ID. All the other values are treated as direct links. You may prefix the target entry with a ">" character to ask for this entity to be opeend in a another window.

If the target is nil, then the entry won't be clickable; this may be used both for disabled menus or to hold sub-menus.

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