Adds a callback hook

addHook( hook, [before] )
hook An instance of Hook class.
before if true, this hook will be processed before the others.


Calls a hook.

emit( The, name, [...] )
The name of a previously registered hook

Calls a previously registered Hook instance. The hook function should return an oob value to signal that the message has been handled, and stop from further propagation.


Returns the URI confgiured for this site. If the site has been configured with an explicit callback uri, it is returned, otherwise the URI of the entry point script is determined looking at the Request WOPI fields.

getURI( scheme )


Loads a callback hook and configures it.

loadHook( name, [vars],[before] )
name The logical name of the callback hook.
vars Configuration variables to be passed to the hook.
before if true, the hook will take priority over existing ones.
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