4.14.3Class DBViewField

Field of a DBView.

Class DBViewField( field, [title],[rednerer],[order] )
field The name of a field in the target entity.
title Textual representation of the field name in this view.
rednerer A function accepting the value of the field as input and returning a string representation to be displayed.
order If given, will impose an order on the multiple returned values.

This structured is used by the DBView class to indicate how an entitity should be represented.

If the title parameter is not given, the field is considered as hidden, and not displayed.

If the renderer is not given, the the field value will be placed untranslated in the final structure, otherwise the return value of the renderer function will be used.

The order parameter must be one of the DBOrder enumeration value. To exclude this field from ordering clauses, just leave this parameter nil

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