4.10.8Object WebVarBinder

Binder retreiving values from Cookies, GET or POST HTTP Requeset variables.

Object WebVarBinder

This binder initialize the variable with a part of the incoming query, using the Request.getField search algorithm. The fields are searched in the following order:

- cookies

If the service has an instance value, then the variable serched among the input elements is prefixed with a "_" string, where is the name of the service instance.

For example, in the following service:

   class Test(i) from Service(i)
      var = ServiceVar( WebVarBinder )

var will assume the value of the input variable named "var", if present. If the service is created with an instance name, for example "mytest", then the variable searched will be "mytest_var".

If the variable is not found in the input scope, the ServiceVar.value property will be nil, and the value of ServiceVar.isSet will be false.

See also: InputBinder.

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