4.10.6Object SessionBinder

Automatically turns the given variable in a persistent session variable.

Object SessionBinder

The binder automatically retreives the variable value at application startup from the Nest session system, and subscribes this variable to be saved upon application correct termination.

Session variables comes separated for every Service instance. Every instance has its own session variables.

The value is saved after it is first assigned setting a value in ServiceVar.value. If a variable was previously assigned, the ServiceVar.isSet member will be true.

The value saved as a session may be any Falcon value that may be serialized and restored. Strings are of course safe, but numbers, arrays, dictionaries and simple classes can be used as well.

The amount of data that an application can save in a session depends on the underling session driver user by Nest. It is safe to consider available a minimum of 4096 bytes per session.

See also: Nest.

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