4.9.9Class SelectAction

Creates a multichoice action.

Class SelectAction( prompt, al, name, values, [multi],[extra] ) from \
                 Action(( prompt, al))
prompt Text for rendering columns headings or titles.
al Authorization level
name Name of the action as it appare in the final form.
values List/array of Choice items
multi If true, arrange for a multiple choice select
extra Extra style, class, ID and similar.
renderRender the select field.
Methods inherited from class Action
allowedCheck if a logged-in user can see this action.
renderRenders this action.



Render the select field.

render( value )
value Current value of the form variable to which this action refers.

If the value parameter is nil, then the method will try to find an input variable in the Nest input matching its name.

The given value or the inferred value will be used to mark the active option.

In case the multi option is set for this action, the value should be a vector of strings.

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