4.9.5Class HiddenAction

Makes an hidden action.

Class HiddenAction( al, cmd, value ) from \
                 Action(( nil, al))
al The authorization level under which this action is ignored.
cmd The command to be added to the form surrounding this action.
value The value of the command.

Hidden actions are never rendered, but they generate hidden input fields that can be a part of a global form.

If the value paramter is a function, the passed function is run before deciding to add this action rendering. If false, this action is ignored. If the function returns a string, the result is set in place of the value field.

Note: The cond function is called with the "eid" parameter of the @ HiddenAction.render method as first parameter, and with this same entity as second parameter.

renderRenders this action.
Methods inherited from class Action
allowedCheck if a logged-in user can see this action.
renderRenders this action.



Renders this action.

render( [eid] )
eid The Entity ID that refers to this action (if this is a item-action)
ReturnA string that represents the action on the output page.

Will return an xhtml input element of type hidden. If the value property of this class is a runnable item, it will be run, and if it returns a string, the value will be escaped and placed in the value field of the input element.

If it returns false, this method will return an empty string.

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