4.9.4Class CheckboxAction


Class CheckboxAction( prompt, authLevel, name, value, [onClick],[extra] ) from \
                 Action(( prompt, authLevel))
prompt Text for rendering columns headings or titles.
authLevel minimal authorization level required to see this action
name Defaults to eid
value Defaults to $eid
onClick A command to be passed to the page
extra The name of the command field (defaults to "cmd")

The content parameter can be any valid HTML text (it won't be escaped).

If the name parameter is nil, it will be defaulted to 'eid'. Notice that the checbox semantics require the "[]" specifier to be added to the variable name; this is done automatically, you don't have to specify it in the name parameter.

If the value parameter is nil, the render method will use its parameter as the value of the button; otherwise the provided value will be used.

Methods inherited from class Action
allowedCheck if a logged-in user can see this action.
renderRenders this action.
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