4.5Class BasicSessionManager

Nest basic session manager.

Class BasicSessionManager

Session managers have the role of providing Nest with persistent storage for variables related to a specific remote user connection, thus enabling the sateless-http requests to be seen as "sessions".

The basic session manager uses the WOPI session system as a backend for persistent storage. More sophisticated application-specific session managers may be written to store sessions on serialized files, databases, memory mapped files and so on.

restoreRestores a previously existing session.
saveSaves the session data.



Restores a previously existing session.

Returna pair of session data + session status.

The function returns an array of two values; the first one is the dictionary of session variables and their own values. The second is true if the session expired.

A new empty session is represented by the return values [ [=>], false], while an expired session will be returned as [ [=>], true].


Saves the session data.

save( sessionData )
sessionData Dictionary of session variables with their values to be saved.
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