3Nest basic setup and configuration

Nest is usually installed as a part of the Falcon distribution, and doesn't require any particular setup other than a simple WOPI installation.

Because of its nature of web-oriented application engine, CGI drivers are not highly suitable to support its full features. However, it is possible to run the application entry point as a CGI under any of the WOPI CGI based drivers providing proper CGI environment setup. For example, using the falcgi driver it would be necessary to add

load cgi

at top of the entry point script.

Nest is configured through a set of properties to be set directly in the application entry point. If this is not desirable, it is possible to set some configuration keys in a separate module and then load and assign those configuration items in the entry point.

For example, to change the default nest/ application tree top and move it outside the web server host scope, you may:

load nest

Nest.site_nest_dir = "../this_site_nest"


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